From August 2015 to July 2016, I visited McClure Park several times a month in order to document this very busy public space. Many weeks of exploring culminated in a series of photographs surveying people, plant and wildlife, architecture and details of urban life, such as graffiti.

My walks there confirmed for me that our public parks connect us, in ways both mundane and exquisite, to what we share as a community.

Portfoloio: Walking McClure

Boy on bicycle near large tree
Basketball court
Winter stroll
Squirrel crumbs
Disc golf
Dog in backpack
Kids on picnic table
Dog in backpack
Father teaching boy to ride bike
Father and daughter crossing bridge
Sisters in park
Left field
Dads watching kids play baseball
Tree with leaf shadow
Closeup of leaf
Disc golfer with backpack
Man showing off golf disc
Bare tree against clouds
Blistery stroll
Corrugated barrier
Mingo Valley creek
Kids on bench
Max load 10,000 lbs
Girls examining a find
Tree with exposed roots
Octopus grafitti
Little boy on bicycle
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