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Welcome! My name is Ashley Martin, and this is a portfolio of my family and children photography. I believe in the power of small moments. I believe that quiet Saturday afternoons are just as memorable as that photo you paid for, all of your kids in matching sweaters, beautifully backlit on a woodland bridge. I believe in the beauty of ice cream on kids' faces, in daughters never too old to cuddle on the couch with mom. I believe that pets are members of the family. Mostly, I believe that every day brims with memories to cherish. I hope you will allow me to capture them in photos you will love to look back on.

High school graduate in white dress
Family portrait on rustic stairs
Girl in sunglasses
B&W family portrait
Family portrait
Girl laying sheet music
Young girl wearing 'love' shirt
Middle-aged couple
Pregnant woman in white dress
Young lady in cowboy hat
Couple cuddling
Family portrait
High school girl with beanie
Little men
Young brunette girl
Stone bridge
Little boy in suspenders
Woman cradling tummy
Baby girl on blanket
B&W Family portrait
Teenage boy on bench
Family walking down trail
Black Lab
High school girl in jean jacket
Teenagers swimming in pool
Black Scottish terrier by pool
Toddlers on sidewalk
Young lady in car
Little girls on steps
High school girl on steps
Young woman with stethoscope
Middle-aged engagement
Girl behind sheer curtain
Cuddling on the couch
Young man in sports coat
Girls smiling
Woman with dog in lap
Boy with arms crossed
Girl wearing tiarra
Young man in sports coat
Curious cat
Young girl wearing soccer shirt
Brother and sister
Middle-aged man with dog
Young girls playing outside
Girl exploring trees
Scottish Terrier
Girls on porch
Little girl eating ice cream
Girls playing soccer
Father and son with bubbles

"Ashley really captured the natural look of our family. The photos of my children have truly genuine smiles. Ashley's patience and understanding helped to coax out their better natures and her expertise literally shows them in the best light." --Judy S., Canton, OH

Magazines pile

Documentary style portraiture is my true love. Creating photos you will love for years to come requires a few simple but vital ingredients: 1. a full day with your family, preferably with your home as a starting point, but including soccer games, play dates or whatever is on the family schedule for that day 2. a relaxed atmosphere; documentary style photos aim to capture the beauty of authentic moments--no one needs to be in their 'Sunday best' clothes. Nor should anyone be expected to be on their best behavior!




1 Day at-home with photographer (approx. 12 hrs)
1 Hardbound Photo Album of all edited photos
Your Choice of 2 8 by 10 Prints OR 1 16 by 20 Print ready for framing
24 fully edited jpeg file images to use as you wish (holiday cards, social media, etc)
**other print sizes available on request; pricing varies



1 hour with photographer
Your choice of 1 8 by 10 or 2 5 by 7 prints ready for framing
1 fully edited jpeg file (per animal) to use as you wish (holiday cards, social media, etc.)
**other print sizes available on request; pricing varies




(Groups Or Individual)


1 hour with photographer

Your choice: 

(2) 8 by 10 or (2) 5 by 7

Prints ready for framing

minimum 15 to 20 fully edited jpeg images

to use as you wish (holiday cards, social media, etc)

**other print sizes available on request; pricing varies



I am also available for graduation photos, engagement photos or birthday and holiday parties! I will try my best to accommodate your needs.

1 hour with photographer

2 8 by 10 Prints ready for framing

5 to 10 fully edited jpeg file images to use as you wish (holiday cards, social media, etc)

**other print sizes available on request; pricing varies



Thank you for reviewing my Portfolio. Please get in touch to find out more.




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B&W family portrait